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Health sector bodies, right from central government departments to individual trusts and hospitals are increasingly coming to trust Tier 1 with their data on their end of life IT equipment. The Information Governance (IG) Toolkit is nothing new to us - we understand the risks that the health sector faces, particularly from past bad publicity.

Secure IT disposal doesn’t have to be painful ... or expensive

Tier 1 is well aware of the near-paranoia surrounding NHS data, particularly in the light of the high profile cases that the Information Commissioner has dealt with in a very public manner. Combine this with the restrictive financial environment that the sector is forced to work within and Tier 1’s ‘cost versus risk’ solution really comes to the fore.

Minimising risk and minimising cost underpins our service to the health sector, with a guarantee of both data security and cost neutrality appealing equally to the information security specialists and the finance department.

We don’t name our Government health sector customers, but these progressive and forward-thinking bodies, who scrutinise the Tier 1 process and premises in a forensic manner, are happy that our solution is robust enough for even the most sceptical auditor. Of course, there are some organisations within this sector that insist on on-site, physical destruction of data bearing IT assets. Where this is the case, Tier 1 can provide a CESG-approved service that includes all reporting and certification at a cost.

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