CSR and Innovation

In the secure IT disposal industry, Tier 1's service is inextricably tied to environmental issues and ethical concerns that businesses have when deciding what to do with their old computer hardware. Tier 1 genuinely believe that true corporate citizenship goes much deeper than the window dressing displayed by many organisations; we truly have an indisputable responsible business culture as opposed to a CSR 'statement' or 'policy'. As a result, Tier 1 has won significant business simply because our customers genuinely recognise the benefits that working with a true CSR champion can bring.


Nothing epitomises Tier 1’s attitude to innovation, improvement and CSR than our IT recycling initiative at HMP Forest Bank. Put very simply, our IT recycling partnership between a commercial enterprise, a prison and a charity is totally unique. All the benefits around the reduction in re-offending, savings to tax payers and reduction in crime are also almost exclusively for the benefits of the UK. No other company in the UK IT industry has a solution remotely as innovative or ethically rewarding. Tier 1 is a company that can combine profitability, sustainability, innovation and enterprise with a social conscience, demonstrable benefits to communities and savings to the tax payer - all through redundant IT equipment. Find out more here


Tier 1 are proud to declare that 80% of all items handled by Tier 1 are re-used in their original state and the remaining 20% is recycled. Our long term commitment to 0% landfill continues, as does our support of WEEE legislation that promotes re-use over recycling.

Social Inclusion

Tier 1 provide low cost PC systems for a number of organisations that are involved with getting long term unemployed or generally disenfranchised members of the public online. With benefits such as Universal Credit only available online and service such as banking, making a doctors appointment or paying bills increasingly internet based, Tier 1 is proud to be able to help more people acess these services through affordable ICT.

Charitable Donation

We have extensive experience of helping our customers’ charity partners by providing them with equipment that has been data wiped, refurbished and professionally packaged. In Antz Junction, we have our own charity partner who provide the ‘through the gate’ back to work programme undertaken by ex-offenders.

Helping the SME Market

Tier 1 has identified a new and compelling story that positively demonstrates a genuine boost to both the UK economy and SMEs in general, often billed as the bedrock upon which the UK economy is founded. Business Secretary Vince Cable said, “Half of all jobs in this country come from small and medium sized business. So if we’re to get our economy going again, we must do all we can to support them.” Buying three year old ex-corporate equipment that may have cost six times as much when brand new makes increasingly common sense to smaller business. As a result, UK businesses are able to refresh their IT capacity more often and more affordably.

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