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The Business sectors we deal with

Tier 1 works across the entire range of business sectors with major clients in each. Without exception, data security has the highest priority, whatever vertical you are in.


Two of the UK's 'big four' accountancy firms form part of Tier 1's flagship accounts. IT disposal for accountancy firms is a serious subject, with data security, accurate reporting and revenue return all to the fore. Our experience shows us that these types of customer undertake regular desktop refresh programmes where there is plenty of scope to benefit from Tier 1's undoubted skill at maximising second user revenue return. Generally laptop orientated, these type of customer are highly sought after by ITADs. The fact that two of the four main players in the UK work with Tier 1 speaks volumes for our service.


The health sector is another area with a distinctive characteristic for secure IT recycling. As in may public sectors, assets are heavily used with a typical' replace on fail' policy. As a result, our WEEE recycling service has been extensively used by NHS trusts, PCTs and central government health bodies where re-use is impossible or in some cases, not required. Hospitals have made the wrong type of headlines over recent times with regard to data breaches and Tier 1 is where many such organisations have turned to in order to guarantee data security in end of life ICT recycling.

Local Government

Another typical 'replace on fail' culture exists in many local government environments. Often restricted by tight or shrinking budgets, Tier 1's computer recycling service with its guaranteed zero cost and cast-iron data security assurance are understandably popular to town halls across the country. We find that local government is increasingly aware of ADISA requirements and as such, Tier 1 is always on the radar of IT and procurement professionals who need to minimise both cost and risk.


The IT disposal requirements of the education industry are no different to their public sector counterparts. Data security, particularly high profile when used in context with the young people who access the equipment, yet again heads the list of must-have's, with cost neutrality or revenue return a close second. Recycling ICT isn't the only area where we help education. We are a long-time supplier of ex-corporate IT into school and colleges where cost-effective IT procurement is a necessity. Education IT disposal and purchase is definite area of growth for Tier 1.


The is a sector where the IT disposal requirements of the legal industry are similar to those in accountancy ICT asset management. Professional services all tend to undertake regular IT refresh projects, particularly where the client-facing aspects of their sector like to have access to the latest technologies. Added to the assurances that Blancco secure data erasure provides, the legal industry understandably requires Tier 1 to go above and beyond the legal requirements that IT recycling legislation compels us to undertake.


The technology industry is an area that Tier 1 has a natural fit, in two important areas in particular. The emergence and growth of technology outsourcers was not lost on Tier 1 and we now partner some of the major IT integrators who in turn control the IT systems that underpin UK corporations and Government alike. Whether managing desktop or data centre disposal projects of the outsourcers or their customers, Tier 1 have vast experience of the high standards required. Similarly, we work closely with manufacturers of IT equipment and Tier 1 runs the Toshiba laptop trade in programme throughout the UK, working directly with Toshiba and numerous re-sellers.


With arguably fewer desktop IT users in the UK manufacturing industry, Tier 1's secure ICT disposal expertise is often focussed in the data centre arena. We understand the complexities of projects that need skilled crews to manage the removal of sizeable and heavy server and communication equipment from secure buildings in strict timescales. Data centre disposals often requires the discipline of the secure data sanitisation of vast numbers of hard drives, something Tier 1 has the systems and automated reporting processes to work with 100% accuracy.


Tier 1's high profile engineering customers cover sectors ranging from transport and infrastructure services to architecture and construction. The secure data erasure of specialised and highly confidential information is paramount and with a profile of using the latest technology, Tier 1 is the ITAD of choice thanks to our routes to market for high-end, 2 to 3 year old ICT equipment.


Whether a leasing company is looking for Tier 1 to maximise the residual value on ex-lease equipment or simply collect, process and prepare end of life leased IT equipment to be re-sold elsewhere, Tier 1 has the automated systems and experience of working with some of the UK's leading leasing organisations. Our on site scanning service and established condition grading process provides a risk-free disposal service for any IT assets that have been leased to end users.

The Business sectors we deal with


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